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Marie-Claire is one of most popular and unique readers in Atlanta, using her own Tarot deck, which she designed and created along with an accompanying book. Her deck was published in 3 languages and the first English edition of book and deck has sold out.

Marie-Claire currently consults in Atlanta, serving a large base of loyal customers from all walks of life including – soccer moms, doctors, lawyers, judges, law enforcement officers, teachers, hair stylists, engineers, corporate officers, politicians, celebrities and many others. 

Marie-Claire provides phone readings daily for both local and international clientele. She currently gives private consultations offered with directness, professionalism, discretion and heart. Evaluate the accuracy for yourself – as thousands of her clients can attest.  

Marie-Claire, originally from Marseilles, the second largest city in France, has over 28 years of professional experience in the divinatory arts, specially as a clairvoyant, consultant and Tarot reader, giving classes over the years in France, Switzerland and in the U.S.

Marie-Claire was selected as the best reader at the “Festival of Clairvoyance” in 1987 in Geneva. She was interviewed on a number of radio shows in Paris and Monaco, where she conducted Tarot readings with callers. She has participated in many clairvoyance conferences in Europe.  

Marie-Claire has a B.P. (in philosophy and literature) from France. After graduating from the “Conservatoire de Musique et de declamation de Marseille (University of Theatrical Arts of Marseilles),” she performed as a professional actress for several years. She also has a degree of Business International (Monaco).  

Marie-Claire changed careers in order to completely devote herself as a serious student of the philosophical, spiritual, psychic, and divinatory arts. She studied for several years at the Tibetan Buddhist Spiritual Center in Switzerland and has continued her studies with the Rosicrucian Order for over 20 years, beginning her service with the Lodge in Geneva, Switzerland. She has also studied and is certified in a wide variety of philosophical, spiritual, and metaphysical domains. She perseveres in her broad-based studies still to this day.

Marie-Claire was awarded the Exceptional Adult Georgian In Literacy Education for Writing /English/Literature in Atlanta 1994. She is a member of International Tarot Society and was a featured presenter at the 1997 International Tarot Congress in Chicago. Marie-Claire was featured on “A Woman’s Place” Atlanta’s Interfaith Broadcasters, (Television), hosted by Angela Rice in May 1999.

Marie-Claire publishes regularly on personal growth and spirituality in new age journals, magazines, and newspapers. She has conducted and interviews with celebrities, including Brad Steiger, Dr. Frederic Lenz, Dr. Diane Morisey, Margot Anand, Lee May, Dr. Brian Weiss, Sylvia Brown, Caroline Myss, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Raymond Moody, and many more authors too numerous to list here. She is also a poet.


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